We manufacture Stainless steel fittings in India

…and export them to select manufacturing partners.

Top quality SS304, SS304L, SS316L raw materials, high precision advanced automated Yamazaki Mazak CNC machines accompanied by high precision balanced Haimer German tool holders working at high rpm enable us to achieve near single digit Ra finishes.

Flucon manufactures high quality elbows (hydro), a variety of shiny SS tube hangers for USA/Eu, world’s best strainers, stainless steel ferrules

90 degree elbow with clamp endsStainless Steel Tube Hangers Pipe Clamps and Pipe HoldersStainless Inline Strainer Stainless Ferrules 316L SS-filtered

our hose fittings sell quick, Stainless flanges, Stainless steel end caps (BPE too), we make high quality SS 316L sight glasses in various designs

Stainless Barbs and Stainless Collars-filtered_1 Stainless Steel Flanges-filtered stainless_steel_end_caps_flucon-filtered Sight Glass Indicator - Stainless steel 316L

we make precision, critical pump parts, butterfly valves that fly away quickly, precision cast+machined custom parts and other misc. SS products.

Stainless20Steel20Sanitary20Pump hygienic stainless steel butterfly valves Stainless Steel 316L Investment Castings as Cast and Machined-filtered Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Products-filtered

We make all types of unions and export them to USA,UK,Europe, Australia ~ CIP unions, DIN unions, IDF unions, RJT unions, SMS unions..

CIP_union_flucon DIN_union_flucon IDF_union_flucon RJT_union_flucon-filtered sms_unions_flucon-filtered

For inquiry and starting business with us, please contact@flucon.in ~ we provide free samples.